Some small (I think) feature requests

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Some small (I think) feature requests

Postby KyroII » Sat Dec 29, 2007 1:33 am

Hey guys it's good to see VC6 is still in use since pretty much all versions of Windows can use it.

Really like the delete file feature - if you get an entire album you can delete files as you hear them (without having to search for them) while you work. Thumbs up guys.

I'm keen on getting the ability to rename mp3 files in the player since many people name their mp3s differently, (either automatically or manually without having to go and find out where the file is kept etc).

Also those of us that don't want to use a bloated player to copy files to a phone or portable mp3 player, how about a feature that copies selected files (or from a playlist) to a folder (which can be on the portable device or hard drive).

Last feature although this may be overkill - It would be good to know at a glance if the player is currently playing just by looking at the icon in the minimised window without having to switch back to the main player window. I.e. change the icon depending on whether the player is currently playing

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