Audiotester shows false positive ?

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Audiotester shows false positive ?

Postby Amp » Fri Jan 15, 2010 12:24 am


Firstly thank you for making audiotester and secondly for making it free !!

I am having some problems with it though and I wondered if you could advise me please ?

When I scan my .mps some of them fail because of “BAD ID3v2 TAG”

I have looked at the ones that have failed and played them. They seem to work ok displaying the proper name etc. Just in case I was doing something wrong I re-named the failed ones with Tagscan and tried again. I still get the errors even though I can clearly see all the tags working properly. What’s going on and how can I fix it ?

I also sometimes get failures saying “TRUNCATED”. Again most if not all of the files play ok. Is audiotester too sensitive or am I doing something wrong ?

As a feature request could you make it so the only errors of a certain type get displayed ? For example make it so TAG errors are filtered out and vice versa ?

Again, thank you very much for your program.
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Re: Audiotester shows false positive ?

Postby Amp » Sun Jan 17, 2010 4:57 pm

Hi me again !

I have been using audiotester this weekend and noticed that sometimes it marks “bad” mp3’s as good and “good” ones as bad.

Some mp3’s that pass audiotester cannot even play on windows media player and some mp3’s that are flagged as “passed” have gaps of silence in them.

Sorry to sound like I am complaining, but I thought I should at least point these things out.

Audiotester is a great idea as I have thousands of mp3’s and I would like to be able to make sure they all work ok without having to go through them all one by one ! I hope you are able to fix it.

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