Issue with QuickTime filter

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Issue with QuickTime filter

Postby WavSlave » Fri Jun 27, 2008 6:05 pm


First of all, thanks very much for all the great Audition filters you've provided to the user community.

Unfortunately, I'm having a spot of trouble with the QuickTime filter in Audition 1.5 (on XPP-SP3). A few days ago I opened some lossless (ALAC) M4A files for the very first time. They're all 16-bit, stereo, 44.1kHz files (CD track rips). Their temporal lengths all display properly and they seem to play fine. So what's the problem? AA says they're all 32-bit files.

In case it matters, know that I'm using the standard edition of QuickTime 7.5 (861). It was installed cleanly just prior to opening the M4A files in AA.

It's worth mentioning that these files are all correctly read as 16-bit by both dBpoweramp and foobar2000. Only Audition says they're 32-bit.

The tracks themselves are iTunes rips encoded by Max 0.8.1. Not knowing if that could be part of the problem, I created a few of my own lossless M4A files in dBpoweramp from existing 16-bit FLAC files. Again, they read as 32-bit in AA but 16-bit in the other two apps. Thinking that maybe I was experiencing some sort of issue unique to my own PC, I asked a friend to open some different lossless M4A files in his copy of Audition (1.0) and he experienced the same problem. I don't know if lossy M4A files exhibit the same trouble or not. I would guess not but then again, I wouldn't have expected the problem with lossless files either.

No searches have (yet?) turned up similar reports from other users but as I said, I've already heard from one other person who's experiencing the same behavior on a different PC with a different version of AA. This tends to make me suspect the filter itself but I find it hard to believe that I'm the first person to notice and/or report this issue in the two+ years that it's been available.

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? I'll try anything short of upgrading to AA 2.0. I can't stand its look and feel.

Thanks in advance for any helpful responses.
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