MJPEG VFW codec - Video compression error in Virtualdub

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MJPEG VFW codec - Video compression error in Virtualdub

Postby rjisinspired » Thu Dec 11, 2008 7:17 am

When using the MJPEG VFW codec within Vdub, an error of: Video compression error - This operation is not supported (error code -1) I posted to the Vdub forum about this to see if they may have an answer to this error, see if it is an issue with Vdub or not.

Vdub latest build 1.8.6

The above error occurs sometimes after 10 seconds, sometimes a minute, during the encoding stage. The error timing varies. The videos put through the codec were RGB24 and YUY2, 320 X 240 size from huffyuv encoded files. If anyone may know what may be causing the above error that would be cool.

It's good to see that vuplayer and recorder are still around. I remember using them some years ago.
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