Player Sometimes Won't Play CDs...Please Help

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Player Sometimes Won't Play CDs...Please Help

Postby FlawedCoil82 » Thu Jan 22, 2009 5:53 am

I will start by saying that I am pretty dumb when it comes to computers. But now that I got that out of the way, I have a very bizarre problem that as of right now is only hurting my Player (and Windows startup/shutdown music....explained below). I have had Player for many years (back when it was available as I absolutely love this player and it has never given me any trouble all this time.

However lately for some reason, it is very picky about when it wants to work. For example (sometimes) whenever I pop a cd in (whether its a new cd or a stored one), it brings up the name of the album, track titles and album cover (exactly as I loaded the info in for the discs). But when I go to push Play, many times it will not start playing the cd. The counter will remain at <00:00>. And the cd drive also makes a "whirring" noise that increases in loudness the more I press Play.

I have noticed another strange thing that seems to be connected to the trouble I am having with Player. I have Windows XP and normally whenever you start (or shut down) Windows, a quick little "start-up" music tune should normally play. And whenever that Windows start up music plays, my Player works just fine. However there are other times when I start Windows, the start up music does NOT play, and when it doesn't play, that makes my Player unable to play cds as well (yet I can still play the cds in Windows Media Player, even when the start-up music didn't play). Currently, Player is working for me because this time I got the Windows start up music when I booted up. However the next time I boot up Windows, if the start up music does not play, then Player will not work again either.

I am extremely frustrated by this problem because I cannot find anywhere online that describes the problem I am having. Is it a disc driver issue? A CD-Rom drive issue? A registry error issue? Someone please help because I want to always have Player be dependable since it is (by far) my favorite I have ever come across. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated (but remember, I am stupid compared with most people's knowledge of computers, so please explain in "dumb" terms). :P
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